DTPHX Living

View of DTPHX from my parking garage

View of DTPHX from my parking garage

As soon as my lease was up, on June 29, 2016, I moved into my new apartment in Downtown Phoenix (DTPHX).

Since I have moved into my new home, I can feel myself generating. As long as I’m within the area of where I live, I feel a constant vibration within myself. I used to feel it sporadically, but now, it’s always on, well, at least for the time being.

People are coming at me! I have been in contact with more people in the last three months than I have been in the last 20 years! I can feel that I am pulling them in. I am attracting them, enveloping them. And for the first time, I am responding to people on a level that I have never witnessed before.

Over the years, I have learned to sit and wait and do NOTHING. My mind totally trips out on that fact! It feels so unproductive and yet; it’s the most productive thing my body does! There are actual “results”!

Three days after I moved into my new place. I meet G. at a writing group, and upon finding out what I do for a living (graphic/book designer), he asked if I would be interested in working with him on book covers. My body lit up like a Christmas tree! He gave me his contact information and after a few emails back and forth, we left it at that. As much as I wanted to push, I sat waiting to respond.

A couple of days ago, G. sent an email to me wanting to know if I was still interested in working with him. Totally! I was so excited to hear that he wanted to work with ME! No one has ever approached me in this manner before!

In the past, I used to chase down work, going to network meetings, pushing myself on others trying to find freelance work and not understanding why I couldn’t get work. The harder I tried, the more frustrated I became. I couldn’t make anything happen the way I wanted it. I had no idea that I needed to wait to respond and have life come at me!

As of yet, I don’t know if G. and I will be working together. As of yesterday afternoon, it seems like we will, but honestly, I won’t know until I respond to his call informing me to proceed with the project. This period of not knowing used to be very upsetting to me, now, I just relax in it. I keep myself plenty busy with other things that I respond to and love doing. And if all I can do is lay out on my sofa and watch Netflix, well, then that’s what I do! Believe it or not, I do that way more than people realize.

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