When Did the Volume Go Up to 11?

Maximum Volume

As I’ve been deconditioning, I’ve noticed that my hearing has become sensitive. I’ve become hypersensitive to sounds. What I am now witnessing is that am very clairaudient. I pick up information through my ears. And as I become more sensitive to sounds, the more I am aware of my intuition.

I used to be able to take a spin class and ride while enjoying the loud music, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I cannot make it through 10 minutes of class without 1) leaving or 2) plugging up my ears. I carry a set of concert earplugs with me everywhere I go. The other day, I had to pop them in my ears while I was vacuuming out my car. The high-pitch sucking sound made my eardrums hurt. When I go to concerts, the symphony, a dance performance, a lecture, I need to wear my earplugs.

I can see that I am returning to the hearing sensitivity that I had in childhood. When I was a child, I could hear everything! I used to lay in bed at night, and I could hear when a paper tacked to the refrigerator fell to the floor! Three rooms separated me from the kitchen.

A few changes  I have noticed: In the past, I read books, but now, I have developed a preference for audio books. I also listen to lots of music during the day and now, I am listening to soothing music or nature sounds while I sleep at night.

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