Bee’s Visit

Bee's Chart

Bee’s Chart

My splenic projector friend Bee is spending the week with me. She arrives today. It is going to be an interesting visit. For the last few years, I’ve lived alone in a large two bedroom/two bath apartment. Each bedroom and bath were on either side of the main living area and kitchen. Now, that I have downsized to a one bedroom/one bath, Bee and I are going to be living in close proximity to one another. We will be sleeping in each other’s auras, her in my living room and me in my bedroom. She even has to walk through my bedroom to get to my bathroom.

When I had the big apartment, she wouldn’t hesitate to let me know when she needed alone time. And I love that she was able to tell me and it’s helpful to know that her feeling that way is  NOT personal! She would hide away for a few hours in my guest bedroom/office. She was several auras away. The ceilings were high, so she didn’t touch her aura with my neighbor below. The common wall that she shared with my other neighbor, well, he was never there because he stayed at his girlfriend’s apartment. She slept in her aura.

This visit is her shortest ever. When she was in the process of buying her ticket, she found herself booking her ticket for one week. We had talked about two weeks. When she told me she had changed it, I have to admit for a split second I was a bit disappointed, but now that the day is here, I’m glad it’s only one week!

Over time I’ve become very sensitive to my energy and how it affects those around me, especially non-energy types. Bee is a splenic projector (Channel 18/58), and I’m a sacral manifesting generator. I have a ton of energy! And now, I find myself concerned that there is no place for her to run and rest in a space away from me, away from everyone.

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