MG Speed

It’s official! I am now an intermediate pianist! I started playing the piano 5 weeks ago after a 28-year hiatus.

Last week, my instructor told me that she was shocked and awed at how fast I am progressing. She informed me that it takes a student about 50+ hours of private lessons and hundreds of hours of practice time to get through the beginner’s stage, half the time if a student continued after taking years off from their training. She’s never had a student like me before, someone who can move through so much material at such a fast pace.

As she was sharing her feelings with me, it hit me … this is the speed of the Manifesting Generator.

It took me 5 hours of private lessons and 42 practice hours later to become an intermediate pianist. There is no doubt that my body remembers the fifteen years it was forced to dedicate itself to the piano.

Here’s what I find funny about this … I feel like I’m walking through mud! I am in a situation where my speed is measurable, and I understand that I’m moving very fast, but from day-to-day, I feel like a slowpoke!

I spent the last week reviewing my lesson and adding new music. My instructor was a bit overwhelmed at how many pieces she was assigning to me to learn over the course of the week. She had assigned a rather complicated piece. We had plunked out the right hand together, and it was awful and confusing that she told me to just learn the right-hand movement. Well, as I practiced at home, I learned the left-hand, too. And I put both hands together. And learned to play the entire piece! I performed it for her today, and she was expecting to hear only the right-hand, not the whole thing! She informs me that it takes about 2 to 3 months for a student to learn the whole piece, not one week.

I laughed! My body LOVES playing! And I’m an MG!

I get so lost in my practice. When I decide to practice, I’ll start out thinking that I’ll spend 15 minutes on it. As soon as I sit down at my piano, I lose all sense of time. I’ll find that I’ll have practiced over 2 hours, but it only felt like 15 minutes!

Today, my instructor asked me about how I was doing with the piano and my past. She was concerned that she might be doing or saying things to me that might cause me to flashback to childhood issues. My sacral responded no.

I told her that I had been concerned about that when I first started, but that I was having a great time rediscovering the piano and my talent. It’s been incredibly satisfying so far. I loved that she asked me!

My mind was definitely freaking out before I took my first lesson, but my body felt great about it. I had responded correctly, and that’s why I decided to explore it again. After all, it would only be for a year. I’ll see if it sticks.

I have a gut feeling it will. Of course, that can always change, but a close friend of mine who is a singer and a pianist has already mentioned to me that she feels like we’ll be collaborating when “I get good.” When she said that my whole body lit up! YES!!! And without thinking, I said, “Oh, I’ll be better than good!”

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