My Reflection and Her Projection


During my third year of deconditioning (I’m in my 5th), I reached out to a new friend (1/3 Reflector), and we Skyped for a few hours. She lives in Denmark. Our conversations tend to revolve around Human Design and our experiences, her as a Reflector and mine as a Manifesting Generator.

As we were talking, I started to slowly feel the build of energy from my friend, some very radiant sexual energy was coming off of her. We weren’t even discussing sex. I thought … Well, that’s interesting. It was a little distracting, and enjoyable.

After we had said our goodbyes and I walked away from my computer, I realized that the sexual energy I felt coming from her was MY ENERGY being amplified and reflected! I was distracted by MY energy! Too funny!

I always think back to that experience when she talks to me about how people can’t see her and how they see their own reflection in her. My experience with her has made me hyper aware of our open centers, defined centers and how they are amplified, not just with her, but with everyone.

Now, I can feel her sample my energy. It happens every time I talk to her. So, when I do talk to her, I make sure I have the energy to talk and that I feel energetically solid, calm and that I’m not sexually charged (LOL) or operating in fear or pressure. If I’m not in a good mood or not feeling well, I let her know, and we make tentative plans to speak another day. Or if I am feeling fear and pressure, I let her know, and she can decide if she wants to talk (sample) to me.

Yesterday, we talked for several hours and we discussed her being a Reflector and my 5/1 projections and how they seem sort of alike, but aren’t at all!

As a 5/1, EVERYONE places projections and expectations on me. Everyone creates an elaborate story (projections and expectations) about me and thinks that it is me and my reality. These stories can be very vivid! As I continue living this experiment, the people that are incorrect for me place their projections of me onto me without ever asking me if their information is valid. They make the assumption that it is. They are not interested in pursuing a discussion. However, those that are correct for me actually make an effort to ask me questions to find out if their assumptions are accurate. If they aren’t, they are capable of making adjustments to their old projections/expectations and can place a new one on me. They continue to make changes as we get to know one another and at some point, my sacral approves of their projections and expectations.

My Reflector friend samples EVERYONE with all of her openness. People have a difficult time seeing her because what they see and feel is their reflection. They think that she is exactly like them. They are surprised when they find out she doesn’t feel the way same. She samples them and is constantly changing throughout the day. Per our conversations, what seems to be consistent is that in a group setting, she can feel the heartbeat of a group and can pinpoint the areas of a group dynamic that isn’t working.

Yesterday, she was telling me how she felt about the number of homeless people in the US. She was in the US last year a couple of times, and she was talking to me about how I live in a country with no safety net and that the safety net that we do have is all an illusion. There is a net, but with huge holes, anyone can fall through. In her home country of Denmark, there is a safety net, and it has tiny holes. I agreed with her. (Earlier in the morning, I had a discussion with another friend about the homeless and how I could help out with her volunteer work.) Denmark does have a homeless population, but it is very small. She went into detail how the Danish government helps its people. My body resonated hearing her talk about it. She picked up that it was on my mind. She carries a tremendous amount of wisdom and insight.

I also love hearing her talk about the classes that she teaches. She’s been coming to the US to teach Meta-Health, and she’s incorporated Human Design into it, too. She can walk into a room and know how a group collectively feels. She’ll tell me about the adjustments she made because of it, changing the order of her teachings or how she needed to address a topic differently. Her aura is fascinating! If I walk into a group, I’m the one who doesn’t know how I’m going to behave!!!

When she’s taken in too much information, she grounds herself in nature. She lives in the middle of nowhere, and she builds a fire in her backyard to relax and recharge.

I am very fortunate and grateful to have such a close friend that is a Reflector because they make up less than 1% of the population. There is so little information about Reflectors because of it, and the number of people who know they are a Reflector is nonexistent.

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