Public Human Design Forums

A friend of mine, Devon Wright, is hosting a weekly public Human Design forum on Fridays at 1900 GMT (12 p.m. AZ). When I was in John Martin’s 2015 Jedi class, Devon ran our weekly class forums for over a year.  He is gifted with amazing insight so when I found out that he was going to run the open forum format I was super excited! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend last Friday, but I watched the recording this morning and it was so good!!! I wish I hadn’t missed it. Check out last week’s forum!

Inter-Type Interaction with Devon Wright

Human Design Unleashed Studios presents “The Way of the Generator with Devon Wright” on Friday, June 30th at 1900 GMT and is followed by a Q&A and open discussion.

You can join the forum in two ways.

  1. You can log into the forum as a guest and you will be able to watch and listen to what’s happening in the forum. You will have access to interact using the chat window.

  2. If you are an Unleashed Patron Saint, you can login in with your username and password and you will have microphone rights and first priority when it comes to asking Devon questions. Patron Saints will also have influence over the topics that are covered as a group and the overall direction of the forum.

You can become an Unleashed Patron Saint by giving a $20 recurring monthly donation to Human Design Unleashed Studios or a single $20 donation will give you access for one month. You decide what feels correct for you.

If you want the latest info regarding the forums, please make sure to like Human Design Unleashed Studios on Facebook! Also, there’s a lot of cool stuff there, too!

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