Colliding Trajectories

Raven’s Hallway

It’s been awhile since my last posting. Seven months ago, I had a significant life event occur, and I’m still in the thick of it. When this particular experience is completed, and I have had time to process it, I will definitely be sharing it (Channel 13/33). However, as I have been waiting and moving through this new experience, I am starting to see that my life is beginning to shift in a different direction … AGAIN! But more on that at a later time …

What I want to write about is … How I met my friend, Raven?

On January 1, 2014, I met John Martin and his friend, Raven, at Java Love coffee shop in Sedona, Arizona. I was in Sedona for a few days, hanging out with friends. I had wanted to meet John in person before having my Human Design Foundation Reading by him. At a moment’s notice via email, he informed me that I could meet him at Java Love and that he would be leaving in 20 minutes. My body went into action. I changed from PJs to t-shirt and jeans, and I flew out the door, driving as fast as I could get away with! I didn’t bother with makeup or combing my hair! John had mentioned that he would be there for another 30 minutes and it was going to take me about 30 minutes to get there!

As soon as I walked in, I approached him and the woman that was sitting with him. She seemed very closed off and didn’t even smile at me. John introduced me to Raven. She nodded her head, not really looking at me. I focused on John, and we talked for a bit. However, as I was sitting there, I noticed a feeling washing over me. I felt that Raven and I would be friends one day and we might work together. It was a small and fleeting feeling. It didn’t make sense, and I just brushed it off.

Three months later, per John Martin’s suggestion, I contacted Raven to get her help with tuning into my sacral response. I did a few sessions with her, she was very helpful, but she felt very closed off to me.

Thirteen months pass by, and I am enrolled in John Martin’s Way of the Jedi class. Raven is apparently his right hand. I found her intriguing, but I didn’t have the energy to reach out to her the entire year that I was in class. I know that she helped John with producing the class videos and podcasts for Human Design Unleashed.

However, not long after our yearlong Jedi class was over, I drove to Sedona to meet a classmate that was visiting from Denmark. I found my classmate at Java Love. As I sat down, I noticed that John Martin and Raven were trying to sit down at a table across the room. I went over to give them a quick “Hi!”. I didn’t linger, and I went back to my Danish buddy. After a couple of hours, Raven came by and joined us for a bit. She left for a while and then, came back a few hours later to hang out.

At some point, I heard that Raven had moved from Sedona to Colorado. A year and a half later, Raven contacts me via Facebook to let me know that she would be in Phoenix. We meet for lunch and hang out for a bit. We laugh and briefly talk about our Human Design experiences and our overall experiment. Over a few months, we meet a couple of times as she would fly in from Denver to Phoenix and then, drive to Sedona for a visit.

A couple of months ago, while Raven was in Sedona visiting from Denver and she called me and asked if she could come down and spend the night at my place in Phoenix before she flew back home. I was delighted! She spent the night, and we had such a lovely time hanging out and getting to know one another. I could tell that she really loved the area of Downtown Phoenix that I live in. She was hoping to move back to Sedona, but it wasn’t working out energetically. When she made it back to Denver, I sent her a text letting her know that if she wanted to check out Phoenix, she was welcomed to stay at my place for a few days.

She accepted, and by the time she left Phoenix, she had found an apartment in my complex! Two weeks ago, she moved into her new apartment in my building. Since her arrival, we’ve been putting together a new project … Human Design Destination Unknown. We will be creating a series of videocasts together to discuss what it looks like to be living our Design. We are super excited!!! We have a list of topics that we hope to cover and yesterday, we experimented with lights, camera and sound. We are hoping to launch the first video on the January 1st, marking our 4th year anniversary when our trajectories collided.

What I find fascinating is that we could not have planned this if we had tried and yet, years ago, I had a fleeting feeling that this would happen. How or what exactly? I didn’t have any information about that, just the who. When I met Raven, I was 6 months into my experiment. I didn’t have any idea that living Human Design was going to change my life so drastically!

So, as soon as we have the first videocast posted on YouTube, I will post it here as well. As with all Human Design experiments, this is gonna be interesting!

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