About Serena

Howdy! My name is Serena Castillo (nickname … Sparkles) and Human Design found me on April 5, 2013. At the time, I was in an immense amount of emotional pain and realized that I didn’t have any idea who I was anymore after spending a lifetime (41 years) suppressing my TRUE self. I was exhausted, no longer able to sleep or think.

After I contacted an energy healer for some possible answers, my healer informed me that I didn’t need healing, she needed to let me know who I was and she fed me a bite-sized piece of Human Design (Aura and Profile).

It was enough to send me on a very radical path of self-discovery. I found myself wanting to know more about Human Design. As I explored the topic online, I found the details of and about Human Design, but what I really wanted to know was … How do you live a life using the Human Design system? What does that look like? I searched extensively for experiential information. I wanted to know more about how people navigated their lives experimenting with the Human Design process. I came up empty-handed.

Then, in April 2014, I had an opportunity to study with one of Human Design’s most radical and unconventional teachers, John Martin. I participated in his Way of the Jedi class for well over a year. He showed me how to live my design and how to guide others to live their design.

Two years later in October of 2016, I began anonymously blogging about my experiences living LIFE using the Human Design system at HumanDesignWarrior.com. Throughout my research, I discovered that people are very interested in the details about Human Design, but not necessarily living the experiment itself. I created my blog to share MY Human Design experience. It is from the perspective of a Sacral Manifesting Generator responding to LIFE in the NOW.